Crystalline Library

"A library built with crystalline designs lined on the walls. What kind of secrets could this library hold...?"

Primal Data Center ▸ Exodus ▸ Mist ▸ Ward 18 ▸ Plot 7
Crystalline Study (Alt. Location): Exodus ▸ Mist ▸ Ward 18 ▸ Topmast Apt. 73

Public/Checkout Hours:
Mondays and Fridays
9pm - 12am EST
(Last Call for Desk/Cafe Services at 11:30pm EST)


- We accept all skill levels and types of players, even those who simply want to enjoy the library. Please respect everyone regardless if they choose to RP or not.- IC =/ OOC. Players can have different opinions than how their characters react. If you have any issues with another player, it is highly encouraged to reach out to the Director in Charge first and let them handle it. This is to ensure that major problems are resolved in a polite, timely manner.- Avoid sexual content and extreme violence; given this is a library we like to keep conversations and actions to PG-13/Teen as much as possible.- Weapons are allowed but must stay sheathed. Please take your fighting elsewhere during hours. Also, minions and pets are allowed unless an event is going on.- Library can be used outside of public/event hours, however, the owner has a right to ask you to leave without notice.

RP Signs

(Encouraged but not required!)

RP Symbol - Generic Roleplaying symbol supported by the game. Basically shows you're here to RP and not visit or hangout.

Meld Materia Symbol - Used by the staff. If you see someone with this, you can outreach to them for help.

Looking for Party Symbol - New to RP? Wanting to find new friends or simply need someone to kickstart a conversation? Try this symbol!



All staff are identifiable by their Looking for Meld Materia tags!Please note the Director in Charge tag for which director will be in! This changes every week with some exceptions.

"The curious owner of the Crystalline Library."
Ami Athimor (Director in Charge)
Library Director

"A boy who just wants to be a positive beacon of light."
Hikaru Astraea
Assistant Director + Head of Adventuring Division

"Struggles to reach any shelf above knee height of normal-sized people."
Graepala "Graepe" Jamala

"The Void and Explosives... My specialty for certain."
Scyrla Astralsong


Ami Athimor ⌂ Exodus
Hikaru Astraea ⌂ Hyperion

Magical Snacks & Drinks

Curious Crystal Candies (Konpeito) - 1,500 gil
Crystal-shaped candies that vary from sweet and delicious flavors, to bizarre and wild flavors. You will never know what you may get until you eat one...
(Roll /random 10 for a flavor below.)◆ Finest Rock Salt
◆ White Peach
◆ Mirror Apple
◆ Persimmon
◆ Goobue Snot
◆ Honey Lemon
◆ Rotten Fish
◆ Rolanberry
◆ Gysahl Greens
◆ Archon Loaf

Brew of the Arcane (Purple Carrot Juice) - 2,500 gilDrink this to afflict yourself with a random effect: positive, negative, or neutral!RP Rules
◆ Player "drinks" the potion then rolls /random to determine your effect from a list of premade effects that the staff have. A higher number doesn't guarantee you'll get a positive effect!
◆ 1 reroll allowed in case you get something you really don't like/wouldn't heavily affect the character (i.e. player is mute/deaf so an effect that steals the player's voice would be redundant). Just make sure you say you'd like to first.◆ Affliction can last anywhere from an IRL hour to an IRL week. Up to the player how long, just don't wave the spell off like it's nothing. Have some fun with it!List of Potential EffectsPositive
◆ Jumpstart - Afflicted gains a sudden burst of energy...
◆ Happy Feet – Afflicted will become very happy, mayhap a little too happy…Negative
◆ Repeat – Afflicted repeats every sentence they utter twice, back to back. (EX: “It is a beautiful sunny day. It is a beautiful sunny day.”)
◆ Fear - Afflicted ends up with a perpetual state of anxiety.◆ Sickness - Afflicted has a terrible reaction to the drink. The taste turns the stomach into knots.◆ Amnesia - Afflicted forgets anywhere from the last few hours to the last few years of their life (afflicted can chose how long).◆ Hot/Cold (courtesy of Delubrum Reginae…) – Afflicted will suddenly feel either very hot or very cold. Might either catch fire... or completely freeze.◆ Stolen Voice - Afflicted will unable to speak.Neutral
◆ Slumber – Afflicted will suddenly feel bereft of energy, so much so to the point of instantly falling asleep.
◆ Honestly... - Afflicted has to tell the truth no matter what.


Etheirys After Dark

Past Events:


Here you'll find various works recommended by the staff and its patrons.
Stories may contain spoilers, click at your own risk!
OFFICIAL WORKS - Written by FFXIV Staff!
Tales from the Calamity (A Realm Reborn)
Tales from the Dragonsong War (Heavensward)
Tales from the Storm (Stormblood)
Tales from the Shadows (Shadowbringers)
Tales from the Twilight (Post-Shadowbringers)
STAFF WORKS - Written by the library staff!
Magical Mirror (original story by Ami Athimor; AO3)
Magical Secrets - Chapter 1 (original story by Ami Athimor; Google Docs)
My One Weakness (original story by Naraav Aedifex; Google Docs)
FFXIV FAVORITES - A collection of other people's stories set in the FFXIV universe!
AO3 Bookmark Tag Link

Beginner-Friendly Openings

In order to provide a more friendly environment to new RPers and veterans alike, we're introducing Beginner-Friendly Openings on Mondays! These days will focus more on lowkey character development and meeting new people.It is highly recommended to leave any action/PG-13 plots away for either closed RPs with people you meet/know or for Friday openings if applicable.

Character Creation

Fantasy Name Generators (A lot of name generators including lore-friendly FFXIV name generators! [Find them under Pop Culture -> Final Fantasy XIV!])Springhole (A website for writers/RPers with lots of generators and guides!)Behind the Name (Ami's go-to for finding new, realistic names!)

"How To" Guides

Walk Like an Eorzean (Written by a Primal DC player!)So You Wanna Start Roleplaying In FFXIV: A FAQ (Created by a user in Crystal DC; still has useful information)
FFXIV Lore Index (A ton of information about locations, history, and more!)


d100 TTRPG-Friendly Warm-Up Roleplay Questions (Recommended to use this as inspiration for asking about other characters IC!)